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I had such an incredible experience with student.go working at Touching Miami with Love I just had to come back for more.  A little background before:  I graduated from FSU this past April and I have always wanted to intern at TML during the summer and this seemed like a perfect time to do as such to help me figure out my next step.  Throughout the summer I grew more and more in love with the concept of ministry, which I guess I did not figure out till Selah.  Naturally after my summer at TML I came back home and started the job search for anythign dealing with non-profits and urban.  Nothing seemed to fit.  One of the other interns at TML (Amanda Humbert) and I were up at our home church going just talking when she came up with this great idea for me.  To intern with a new church start in the urban area of Jacksonville.  We just so happened to be friends with the women starting this church (Susan Rogers).  So long story short student.go was lovely enough to agree to my crazy idea.  So now I am the Community Mission Coordinator for The Well at Springfield. 

My job is as such:  I basically get to hang out and talk with people all day.  Alot of what I do is go to different community meetings so I can start to build relationships with different organizations in the community.  Another aspect of what I am doing to working with my home church (Hendricks Avenue Baptist) to learn more about established ministry and mission.  This is only my second full week of work so i am still in the listening and learning phase (which could be all that I do).  

Throughout my four years at FSU I have always thought in the what if framework, "what if I did this when I graduate", "What if this or what if that" but with the pushing from the girls I interned with this summer I am now asking what is next on my scheudle.  With their help I am now living out something I have always wanted to do.  I am no longer living my life in terms of a dream, I am living my life in terms of a plan, a daily journey.  There are so many times throughout my day when I laugh a little bit and think man how lucky am I?  I am surrounded by some amazing people, people who can teach me so much, people who are WILLING to teach me so much.  

A large part of what I want to determine through this student.go placement is my calling to vocational ministry.  I spend a large chunk of my weeks going and volunteering at different organizations and schools in the urban/impoverished areas of Jacksonville.  While I did this alot in high school this time I am volunteering in a completely different context.  In high school I always volunteered because I was told there was a need that needed to be filled. Same goes with student.go and TML I knew that there was need to be filled so I signed up.  But this time when I am volunteering I am going out and finding those needs, talking with people who are telling me what the needs are.  Then I have to figure out a way in which The Well can fill that need.  
I get to see the nitty gritty of urban ministry throughout this placement. So far I am in love with it all, the conversation, the research, the random hours, the community, the relationships.... and even the planning.  

Over the next week or so I plan on creating my own blog page, so stay tuned for that! Until then I will continue to stay curious, ask questions, learn, and grow. 

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